List of documents
for a Schengen visa

Persons whoes parents are non-citizens of the Republic of Latvia can apply to the Embassy without an appointment and submit documents without the mediation of the visa center. At the entrance to the Consular Section of the Embassy it is necessary to present documents confirming the relationship with a non-citizen of Latvia.

  1. Passport / travel document, the period from the date of issue of which to the date of the last planned departure beyond the territory of the member states of the Schengen Agreement should not exceed 10 years, the validity period of which should be three months longer than the requested visa period, and which should have a minimum of two vacant pages intended for visas.
    Copies of Schengen visas and stamps of entries and departures for the last 3 years.


  1. Visa application form

The Schengen visa application form should be completed in electronic format and printed out. The form should be filled in completely, separately for each person, irrespective of age. Failure to provide complete or reliable information in the form may result in the denial of a Schengen visa, cancellation of the current visa or refusal to accept documents for consideration. 

Once the form is printed out, the visa applicant should specify the place and date of document submission and put his/her own signature (on pages 3 and 4) to confirm that the visa applicant is familiar with regulations on entry and stay in the member states of the Schengen Agreement.  If documents are submitted for minors, the visa form should be signed in person by an individual with parental authority or by a legal representative.

Please use the Visa Application Form Completion Instruction.


  1. Photography

  • Requirements

           Photos must be: 

    • 3.5 х 4.5 cm in size, in colour, clear and in sharp focus, 
    • printed on high quality photo paper against a light background,
    • taken within the last 6 months,  
    • taken in full-face view, with the face occupying not less than 80% of the photo.
    • If an applicant wears glasses, the photo should also meet the following criteria:

    - non-tinted lenses;
    - no part of the eye should be occluded by lens rims;
    - there should be no flare spots.

    Important! Two photos should be provided, one of which should be cut and pasted to the visa application form (to the top right corner of the form intended for a photo) and the other one should be cut and attached to the visa application form with a paper-clip.  


  1. Documents confirming the purpose of travel:
  • Invitation issued by the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia.
    When submitting documents, you need to know the number of the invitation.
    The invitation is valid for 6 months.


  1. Health insurance policy (copy)

  • Requirements

    To obtain a Schengen visa, a health insurance policy should be submitted:

    • the policy should be valid throughout the territory of the Schengen Agreement (and filled in with typed text);
    • the minimum insurance amount should be 30,000 euros and cover expenses related to providing emergency medical assistance and/or treatment in case of disease; it should also cover repatriation expenses if a foreigner dies;
    • if a foreigner plans to enter Latvia once or twice, he/she will have to provide a valid foreign health insurance policy covering the entire intended period of stay, also including an additional period of 15 days;
    • if a foreigner plans to enter Latvia more than twice, he/she will have to provide a valid foreign health insurance policy covering the period of the first intended visit.


  1. Certificate from the employer confirming the employee’s position and employment starting date.


  • university students should submit a copy of their student ID card and, when submitting it, present the original student ID card;
  • pensioners should submit a copy of their pension card and, when submitting it, present the original pension card;
  • temporarily unemployed individuals should submit a copy of the first and last pages of their work record card and, when submitting it, present the original work record card;
  • individual entrepreneurs should submit a certificate of registration of individual entrepreneur.


  1. Confirming the availability of financial means

If the inviting party does not undertake to cover your expenses and provide you with accommodation, you should confirm the availability of sufficient financial means for staying in Latvia.

  • Your account statement confirming the availability of financial means over the last three months


  • Document certifying labour compensation paid over the last three months or income from business.

Please familiarize with the necessary means of subsistence in order to stay in Latvia.


  1. Filled-in Consent to command services of the Service Provider, signed by the applicant in person.


  1. A notarised permit for minors to enter the Republic of Latvia (or the Republic of Latvia and one or more Schengen countries)
  • should be provided by one of the parents or a legal representative, if a minor  travels without both parents (i.e. on his/her own or is accompanied by an authorised person).  In case of divorced parents – a notarised permit fromboth parents. Ifa minor only has one parent, the appropriate document should be submitted (a court decision on granting sole guardianship, a death certificate or another document).
  • The permit should specify the name of the authorised person responsible for the child throughout the validity period of the requested visa.  A copy of the above document should be submitted to the Embassy and the original document presented when submitting the copy.
  • The permit to enter the Republic of Latvia should cover the entire intended period of stay in the Republic of Latvia(including an additional period of 15 days when applying for single and double short-term visas).


  1. Original and  Copy of the birth certificate for minors


  1. Transport documents*

Copies of tickets in both directions or copies of the vehicle's technical passport and driver's license.

* Transport documents are required only for residents of Vitebsk and Vitebsk region.When submitting documents to the Embassy of Latvia in Minsk, the provision of transport documents is desirable but not necessary.


All documents should be submitted by the applicant in person or by his/her immediate relative (provided there is a relation certifying document) or under a notarised power of attorney. In the case of a business trip, documents may be submitted under a power of attorney certified by a company/institution.

All documents must be presented in original and provide copies. Only complete sets of documents can be accepted.        

When reviewing a visa application, the Consulate’s officer may require additional documents and information confirming the purpose of travel or visa application form data. 

If visas are requested for a group of people or a family, all the documents or their copies should be attached to each visa application form. 

Warning about unscrupulous actions regarding the processing of documents for obtaining Schengen visas.